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To help you get the right Web Application Security Services, we developed web application security services to help you get things rights. Here, we secure your quality data more powerful by reducing the risk of cyber threats. Apart from that, we also have interesting features for your employees to boost learning and knowledge retention.

Security Foundations
Security Foundations

Learners discover how hackers and security personnel think differently to the average person. This highlights how security is now everyone’s responsibility. We also cover some key security fundamental concepts required for good security understanding and future learning.

Cyber-Attack Evolution
Cyber-Attack Evolution

In this module, we shed some light on how cybercrime has changed from its humble beginnings to where it is now. We allow the student to come to the realization that they are now the target, no matter who they are, while providing examples and details of how this has come to be.

Social Engineering
Social Engineering

Learners will understand the different types of social engineering attacks and how their identity can be profiled and used against them by an attacker. We show them how their online footprint in areas such as social media can make them an easy target.

Remote Threats
Remote Threats

Learners will gain a solid understanding of the depth and breadth of the internet, as well as the types of attacks like; Phishing attacks, DDoS, Remote desktop accounts, VPN tools, Blue keeps etc that can occur from online and remote locations.

Internal Threats
Internal Threats

Not all threats come from external to the organization. This module highlights the types of risks like Malicious cyberattacks, Social engineering, Downloading malicious internet content, illegal activities etc to watch out for from within the organization.

Strong Framework
Strong Framework

We provide a secure connection that provides a clear framework for making intelligent ongoing security decisions. And with the supporting tool, you can change the most crucial security risks within your organization and improve the overall web application security culture.

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Our sector-leading web application security services help you meet and respond to the routine cyber security challenges. You can rely on our deep, practical cyber security knowledge and the expert services we provide. Our skilled security specialists provide recommendations to help you make more informed decisions about allocating your resources to better manage security risks and compliance. We can deliver a wide range of capabilities, from security program development, to regulatory and standards compliance, to security education and training. We provide actionable assessments of the current state of your enterprise security and can help you devise a risk management strategy and program. Along with that, we are:

A Notch-up

From beginning to the end, we have modern techniques to help you all the way.


We take pride in offering transparency with our Web Application Security Services at each step.


Our web application security services are more durable for you to rely on.


We have proactive professionals to guide you with practical knowledge all the way.

Why You Need Web Application Security Services?

Once you partner with Securityx, you get to receive a number of benefits. From installing utmost security solutions at your place to getting on-demand solutions, we have unique techniques that are designed to help you all the way.

More Managed

Securityx offers Web Application Security Services that are easier to manage and control.

Operational Time Savings

Our procedures consume less time and serve more powerful results.

Vulnerability Scan Validations

We combat web application security threats with vulnerability scan validation.

Dedicated Security Advisor

For prime satisfaction, we assign a dedicated security advisor to help you.

Web Application Security

Web Application Security Services That Speaks For Itself

Whether you need to demonstrate compliance for an enterprise client or ensure the safety of either external or internal networks, Securityx being an exceptional web application security company, thoroughly scans a bunch of different vulnerabilities.


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Here at Securityx, we offer cutting-edge web application security services as a SaaS solution that allows you to request tests with one click and includes unlimited access to our experienced and certified security researchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Web Application Security Services?

Here at Securityx, we filter malicious requests to your web application or API. It also gives you more visibility as to the where the traffic is coming from. And not this only but a Layer of 7 DDoS attacks are mitigated, ensuring greater availability.

Why SecurityX cloud security tracks performance, not data?

We collect performance metrics from the main frame, Operating System, and the monitored database. Here at SecurityX we don’t extract data from your database. Though we extract performance metrics that tell us how well your database is running.

How is securing the cloud different than traditional servers?

With a traditional server on-board you get you use manual methods to establish strong hold on security measures. Whereas, with serverless computing in the cloud, each function needs its own security configuration, inside the code, it is not a simple cut and paste solution when it comes to security.

What are the most common security threats?

The biggest security threat to cloud computing is unauthorized access and identity management. Misconfigured storage buckets can leave your data open to people within your company who shouldn’t have access and in the worst case, open to the general public. However, SecurityX offers high-end cloud security solutions to help you all the way.

How can you test cloud security?

SecurityX allows you to text cloud security isn’t that much different than a traditional server. All you need to do is test it against any cloud threat or vulnerability to be sure you’re not overlooking an obvious gap in security.

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