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Here at SecurityX, our smart web application penetration testing combines a proven process and highly skilled testers to achieve consistency, reduce costs and ensure customer satisfaction. Before initiating automated web application penetration testing services, SecurityX has scans for applications with advanced technologies to ensure consistent results and then uses automated testing to find flaws that manual tests can’t discover.

We Inspect
We Inspect

Whether credentialed or non-credentialed, we inspect to improvise our web application penetration testing to provide prime satisfaction. Our web application penetration testing includes data about the particular target web application.

Manual Searching
Manual Searching

At SecurityX, we make sure every web application security test should begin with a manual check on the website or application that is strictly followed by automated researching. This process gives us an idea to map the entire website by hand before relying on automation.

Automated Functions
Automated Functions

Contrary to a manual searching, we also have automated web application penetration testing services that allows you to discover unclicked links. And for the best results, the automation is done while you logged-in account.

Forced Browsing
Forced Browsing

Forced browsing aims to identify possible directory paths and files in the web application penetration testing that do not havedirect links. Although files, such as domain directories, temporary files, or old backup/configuration files, are not referenced within the web application.

Passive Scanning
Passive Scannings

While automation and manual services occur, the web application will be scanned for potential vulnerabilities and return the information as alerts. And our web application penetration testing involves additional scripts, extensions, and add-ons.

Active Scanning
Active Scanning

With the web application penetration testing you can thoroughly map and discover content for the penetration testing process will transition to active scanning Active scanning modifies and sends a variety of web requests that test for different vulnerabilities.

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Common Challenges That We Overcome

SecurityX web application penetration testing blends the perfect combination of skilled specialists and top-notch methods to make sure the cyber security attacks cannot harm your web or application. And to rectify the situation, these are some common challenges that we overcome to give you a clear networking path.

Cross-Site Scripting

We secure your system against cross-site scripting that cease the attackers from dodging access controls on your site.


Hackers mostly inject false malware corruption in your system that we secure by our web application penetration testing services.

Broken Authentication

Broken authentication can cause trouble for your organization so we end it from its core by using our patent software solution.

Data Exposure

SecurityX maintains sensitive data exposure with advanced options available in the web application penetration testing for greater response.

Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing

It is possible with our web application penetration testing services to miss important alerts because it does not account for manipulation. For example, scans cannot identify how vulnerabilities work together. So two low priority vulnerabilities that may get overlooked could, in theory, be combined to create a critical vulnerability if manipulated correctly. Without the capability and understanding necessary to perform validation, the results can be clouded.

Quick Data Analysis

Our smart services perform a frequent data analysis to make sure you stay alert from unknown threats.

Code Reliability

Catch tricky bugs to prevent undefined behavior from impacting end-users.

Application Security

Fix vulnerabilities that compromise your app, and learn new security methods with application security.

Technical Debt

We make sure your database is clean and maintainable, to increase developer velocity.

Web Application Penetration Testing

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Being an expert web application penetration testing company, our mission is to empower developers first, and grow an open community around code quality and security. We have latest and high-end tech to simply cyber security methodologies in one go. We provide quality services to meticulously protect your system from letting it hacked by others.


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Our customers trust our modern solutions and this how they share their thoughts with us. We love reading their reviews related to how our expert services helped them all the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will The Test Be Performed From?

Well, it absolutely depends on the test scope. If the scope of systems is entirely external, Internet visible systems then the test will normally take place from the provider's testing facility remotely. Tests involving internal, non-Internet visible systems will normally be tested at the client’s premises as required.

How Long Will The Test Take?

This is an impossible question to answer, although accurate estimates can normally be made for a specific project based on previous experience. Testers may quickly find a number of serious, exploitable issues or may spend a considerable amount of time attempting to exploit an obscure anomaly in a particular web page.

What Will I See In My System Logs?

Firewall logs will likely show a large number of connection requests on odd port numbers, this will be part of the initial port scanning. Web servers and application logs will show large numbers of 404 file not found errors, associated with a large number of strange looking URLs.

Should I Disable My IDS/IPS System For The Web Penetration Testing?

This is a question we are increasingly asked however, testing under certain standards completely mandates that Intrusion Prevention systems be disabled for the duration of the test for the IP addresses in use by the web penetration testers.

How Much Information Do I Need To Provide You?

The only answer can be whatever you feel comfortable with. Clients tend to have an opinion on this. Some customers furnish the testing team with comprehensive network diagrams. It can be any type of information.

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