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At SecurityX, we provide cyber security solutions that help build cyber resilience and defensive shields against cyber-attacks. Our IDS/IPS Services and SIEM methods are all set to fulfil compliance requirements, achieve advanced security objectives and provide point-in-time or continuous visibility of security posture and cyber maturity.

Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring

Our IDS/IPS and SIEM system works with the fundamental responsibility of collection, normalization, correlation, and analysis of logs.

Security Incident Indicator
Security Incident Indicator

The next generation SIEM and IDS system alert security teams to anomalies or policy violations in an automated way with clear information.

Advanced Threat Detection
Advanced Threat Detection

SIEM’s integrate intelligence feeds that provide data on current threats that allows the IDS/IPS system make use of it and identify threats.

Notifications And Alerts
Notifications and Alerts

You can use the software to automate and stay tuned to alert security analysts when policies have been violated or threats have been identified.

mpliance Information
Compliance Information

SIEM and IDS/IPS services used to demonstrate compliance by providing auditing and reporting concerning log-in data and user information.

Automated Feature
Automated Features

We provide high-end security with automated features and add-ons that allow you reap more attention by reducing the risk from cyber-security threats.

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Modified Tech with Compliance Dashboards

Securityx offers technology that consolidates a wide range of security, activity, compliance and management information by taking collected raw data, alerts and context and translating them into enriched business information for real-time dashboards, ad-hoc business intelligence and scheduled reporting. Here, we serve businesses with tech that patent software that speaks for itself.

Our SIEM and IDS/IPS services translates operational security metrics into meaningful intelligence to provide real-time visibility of your organization’s risk posture to stakeholders, support decision-making, and highlight the impact of security issues on business areas. We provide support that enables you to secure and build defensive shields for optimum success.

Threats Analysis

We provide IDS/IPS services for an immediate and ongoing measure of security control effectiveness to identify cyber risk exposure

Smart Detection

Our SIEM system meticulously detect threat or malicious endeavors inside or outside the organization by using behavior anomaly detection.


For an expert vision, our trained team of professionals and IDS/IPS services offer real-time monitoring to fight against cyber security.

Automated reports

With on-time alerting of verified threats, SIEM system generate automated reports for detailing key cyber metrics to elaborate situational awareness.

Cutting-Edge SIEM Tools to Protect and Monitor Your Organization’s Key Assets

SecurityX help you overcome the challenges that cyber security is dealing with the staggering volume of information that comes from activity on systems and making sense of it in order to turn raw data into intelligence due to the increasing warning signs of attacks

Nature of Frauds

We have proactive specialists and top-notch tech to detect the nature of faults and provide evidenced reports to stakeholders.

Security Threat Detection

SecurityX offers power-packed SIEM software that that meets audit and compliance needs to detect cyber threats around you.

Timely Alerting & Reporting

We know you like to stay updated with every attempt against the cyber treat so we use IDS/IPS that automatically generate timely reports.

Incident Response Capabilities

Our advanced SIEM software allows your system to not only combat the threat but streamline your compliance reporting at the sametime.

Ids Ips Services

We Build Security Operations That Offers Convenience

Here at Securityx, we understand that your job is no piece of joke and staying a notch up with cyber security tactics can be tough. That’s why we combine log management, machine learning IDS/IPS services and SEIM to make sure you get the best modified solutions to quickly uncover threats and minimize risk.


Our Customer’s Appreciation

We love what we do by offering expert and easy-to-use cyber security services. Here at SecurityX, we have both professionals and cutting-edge tech to help you all the way. And that’s is why our customers love to share their reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced SIEM and IDS model?

Our IDS/IPS services and a SIEM platform centrally collects data from multiple devices on your network, including your existing security appliances. Through an advanced correlation engine, it is able to proactively identify security events not otherwise detected by standalone security technology.

Why my organization need these types of security measures?

Your organization needs to perceive outcomes that includes:

• Compliance reporting obligations. • Log management and retention. • Continuous monitoring and incident response. • Case management or ticketing systems. • Policy enforcement validation and policy violations.

How IDS/IPS services and SIEM? Will give a true image of my traditional security methods?

Our modern platform will streamline compliance reporting by detecting previous security incidents that would not otherwise be detected. In this way we save your time and resources efficiently.

Why Managed SIEM?

There are some top reasons to consider managed SIEM including:

• Scalable and Flexible. • You get everything from an MSSP only at a fraction of what you could spend internally. • Finding and maintaining experienced for free.

Why SecurityX?

SecurityX has years of experience. We have worked with clients and victims of cyber security threats. With our effective technology and affordable rates, we take pride in being Toronto’s best cyber security company.

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