There is an exciting announcement by the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) that is led by the University of Texas that is going to establish the Texas Manufacturing x Transformation Hub (TxMx Hub). The purpose of this facility would be to speed up the strategic and training collaborations that secure transportation and installation assets functioned by US public and private sectors.

This facility is the new proposal in the communal aim of the University of Texas systems, CyManII, and UTSA to empower America’s cybersecurity work staff by reskilling and upskilling workers.

It has been decided that Through the TxMx Hub, CyManII is going to provide cybersecurity training, certification, and education for the nation’s manufacturers, concentrating on cyber informed, secure by design experts to facilitate manufacturers statewide in becoming greatly protected from and more flexible against, cyber attacks.

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Notable Focus Of Cyber Training

The efforts of the hub will be more focused on reaching manufacturers in difficult sectors like computer hardware, aerospace, robotics, electric vehicles, and advanced manufacturing. It will operate with manufacturers to respond to the urgent department of defense cybersecurity maturation model certification and other cybersecurity needs. It will also provide workforce training to workers, students, executives, industry experts, government officials, and Texas companies.

Indeed, this new initiative is going to contribute amazingly. Various other companies will adopt this method to make their operations more trouble-free and effective.

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