Never forget the fact that our business is barely open to cyber attacks all the time, especially in a hybrid workplace. Therefore, make sure to prepare your business for the enhancing threat of cybercrime. You know what? Cybercrime attacks had been a major threat for all sizes of businesses; especially last year was the worst on record because of COVID 19 because of the hybrid workplace.

As the business world continues to struggle with the effects of the coronavirus and the latest ways of working emerge, the version of the hybrid workplace and remote working lifestyle is consistent to be at the forefront of every business. At the same time, the exploitation of the security is continued by the cybercriminals that are frequently inherent to updated working models.

Stats Of Cybersecurity Breaches

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The issue is specifically associated with small and micro businesses (SMEs); it has been highlighted by the latest government cybersecurity breaches survey that about 4 out of 10 SMEs went through the security breach in the last year. If you did not make cybersecurity a top priority for your small business then there could be vulnerability development for exploitation.

The Hazard Landscape For Small Businesses

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The cyber security attacks are consistent, with almost 27% of all small businesses experiencing cyberattacks at least once a week. There are different forms of cyber attacks with phishing keys between the most commonly found out. 82% of SMBs experienced a phishing attack in the previous year, the number of these socially engineered imitation attacks getting higher in sophistication.

“You cannot escape the fact that cyber security is a fundamental hygiene factor in doing business today. The ICO continues to evolve the requirements around training and education (mandating action for new starters within one month of employment), but it doesn’t stop there. One of my books is titled ‘The Human Firewall’ and one of its points is that contrary to the often-discussed notion that employees are our greatest risk, it is also true that they are our greatest line of defense.” RobMay said. He is the founder and cyber security expert at Romsac.

Truly, the attacks become greatly indiscriminate and automated, extortion tries or disruption from Ransomware have genuine effects and could close business processes completely.300% of attacks has been increased in Ransomware attacks attack, 50% of them were specifically aiming for SMBs, according to the report of Datto’s 2020 global state of the channel Ransomware.

Currently, the UK is considered one of the cybercrime capitals of the globe with 14.6 million Ransomware attacks attempted in the first six months of 2021.  That means it’s significant for small businesses to be faster on the threat landscape and have the facilities to migrate it especially if they are planning for a hybrid workplace.

Efficiency And Protection

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The outbreak of coronavirus has proved that companies can trust their employees to be productive regardless of their location. We know that the concept of remote working and hybrid workplace is not going anywhere, it is here to stay, and hence working from different positions through various connections can open your hybrid company up to new security risks without the appropriate tools to support.

Pandemic has made cybersecurity difficult for small businesses to cater to and their resources stretched. Some small and micro businesses shared their rate of malware protection year on year and 87% in 2020 with a comparison of 83% in 2019 and network firewalls 82% in 2020 with a comparison of 77% in 2019. Therefore, the majority of the IT security leaders think that their organization has a deficiency of sufficient protection against cyber attacks.

You may be wondering how we protect ourselves from cyber risks without giving up the remote working experience for our employees without compromising the productivity of our company and develop a protected workplace for the future for a hybrid workplace. Here, technology can help.

How Can Technology Help?

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Modification is the only constant in the current economy, but the speed of the change increased dramatically with coronavirus. Technology vacillated SMBs instantly adapt and respond, with keeping the operation running trustworthily and even finding out new ways to make more revenue.

Leaders have the opportunity now to show what was learned in the previous two years and develop the new digital foundations for companies to make a protected and reliable hybrid workplace fit for the post-pandemic economy.

You should express your own goals related to the hybrid workplace with the instant advances in technology currently available to you and set up the basics to speed up the growth. But never forget that simplicity is the key in all aspects.

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