Are you new to the Cybersecurity field and want to get rich information about the golden aspects of this umbrella? If yes, then you are in the perfect spot. We at securityX, are providing amazing informative content on all the important areas of Cybersecurity. In this blog, you will come across one of the amazing penetration tools trending throughout the globe, Netsparker. It deals with you as the best penetration testing software, as you can use it to automatically recognize vulnerabilities and security flaws in your web services, web applications, and web APIs.

Strong-minded malicious hackers want to determined and exploit the security vulnerabilities in web applications. They use access to the same level of security tools and software that are preferred by the security professionals for security assessment. To stay conversant with evolving cyber security attacks, companies have to imitate their attackers with the Netsparker web application security scanner. It enables users to conduct a penetration tests on the web applications to find attack surfaces and perform security testing.

Netsparker scanner looks for the targets for thousands of vulnerability variants, during the process of automated web application penetration tests like cross-site scripting and SQL injection. When it comes to manual testing, it becomes expensive and very time-consuming, and also it takes a lot of time for the development cycle.

On the other hand, Netsparker is an automated vulnerability assessment tool that helps pen testers and businesses to do thorough software and application testing. Companies can conduct a continuous and automated penetration tests on their web applications. It saves an expensive budget to hire an army of skilled pen testers. Netsparker empowers operations to scan thousand of scan web applications within the SDLC.

There is no limitation with Netsparker to scan specific websites as it has the ability to scan all kinds of web apps and web APIs. This coverage is significant for choosing a reliable penetration testing tool. Comparisons have shown that it has the best coverage and scans for the widest range of vulnerability types.

The biggest hurdle for adopting automated testing tools when it comes to free scanners is false positives. As false alarms, false positives are the source of many issues. Due to false positives, the pen tool becomes unreliable which is alarming for businesses.

We at securityX, opt for the best penetration testing tool to ease triaging of vulnerabilities with integration. Tools like Netsparker surpass the abilities of traditional web application security software and black box scanners. It has established vulnerability management tools and workflow to provide out-of-the-box support.

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