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    Cybersecurity threats and trending attacks

    You may not believe it, but taking control of your car remotely and stealing it seems like a movie scent, but this has been happening in the real world too for the past few years. This new technology has been adopted by hackers to steal your vehicle. With the technological advancement in every moment, modern cars are becoming more automated and advanced. But do you think that modernized cars are more secure as compared to Read more…

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    Internet of things-types of endpoint security 

    Are you new to the world of technology? If yes, then no problem, we are here to provide you with rich knowledge to boost your career and understanding level. In this blog, you will walk through one of the main types of endpoint security that are known as the Internet of things, or IoT. It refers to the billions of physical devices throughout the globe that are now linked to the internet, all sharing and Read more…

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    Penetration testing tools Netsparker

    Are you new to the Cybersecurity field and want to get rich information about the golden aspects of this umbrella? If yes, then you are in the perfect spot. We at securityX, are providing amazing informative content on all the important areas of Cybersecurity. In this blog, you will come across one of the amazing penetration tools trending throughout the globe, Netsparker. It deals with you as the best penetration testing software, as you can Read more…

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    Packet Filtering Firewall All You Need To Know In 3 Easy Steps

    Packet filtering is one of the major kinds of firewalls that are the network security technique; it is used to control data flow to and from the network. It is the security mechanism that helps the movement of packets thr0oughout the network. Also, it controls the flow based on a set of protocols, ports, rules, and IP addresses. If you want to have the trustable platform to handle the security concerns of your business then Read more…

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    Did you find the term of Cybersecurity new? If yes, then this blog is a great help for you. A Cybersecurity threat is associated with any possible malicious attack that hunts to access data unlawfully, damage information, and disrupt digital operations. Cyber threats can originate from several factors including terrorist groups, criminal organizations, hacktivists, disgruntled employees, and lone hackers. The attacker usually uses the data of individuals or companies to steal the information or gain Read more…

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    Scalability Testing Of Web Applications

    If you are planning to hire a cybersecurity company like SecurityX then you should know about some of the major tests available to identify the security threats in your processes. Scalability testing is one of the important methods in which the performance of an application is measured to scale up or down the number of user requests. It is not limited to the number of user requests only but also other kinds of performance measure Read more…

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    What Is A Firewall: How To Do Firewall Works

    in this era of digitalization, cyberattacks can be extremely devastating for companies. It is predicted that the cost of cybercrime was around $600 billion. The cyber attacks are continuing to increase so that is why experts are under high pressure to protect customer networks from threats. Being a managed service provider, you must know that having a firewall can create a huge difference in network security. Firewalls allow protecting networked and devices from a broader Read more…

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    CRASHED APIS – HOW TO DETECT AND DIAGNOSE THEM? Crashes are something that we know about during the mobile app development process. And that is also the reason why developers are prepared to detect crashed apis, however, as a developer we also need to keep a margin for some glitches that comes before mobile apps crashes at once. There are number of mobile app crashes that come across while developing a smart mobile apps at Read more…

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    THE BEST INFORMATION SECURITY AUDIT CHECKLIST TO HELP YOU THRIVE   Securing your staff, property, and assets is a priority for every business. However, many businesses are dangerously unaware of their own vulnerable points, leaving them exposed to a wide range of potential threats. Taking stock of your organization’s current security strengths and weaknesses, both physical and digital, is the first step in preventing any intrusions. By performing regular security audits via information security audit Read more…

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    WHAT IS INFORMATION RISK MANAGEMENT? UNDERSTAND IT BETTER!   Do you wonder what information risk management is? Well, the information risk management is defined as the policies, procedures, and technology an organization adopts in order to reduce the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences that could arise if data is not protected. Here, you’ll see how the classic equation for risk can help you prioritize your information risk management strategy and recommend best practices for doing so. Read more…