If you are in search of a simple explanation of what a firewall is then you are at the perfect spot. A firewall is a hardware or software to secure a private computer or a combination of a network of computers. This protection can be attained with both hardware and software to enable only authorized traffic and find out all the unauthorized users coming to the network from accessing private networks and computers.

A firewall is the kind of cybersecurity tool in a computer. The main use of a firewall in a computer is information security by identifying and blocking out all challenges at unsolicited access. Before moving forward, beginners should have a clear idea of the fundamentals of a firewall and also be aware of how the firewall works. The best example of a firewall is available in your home, which is a router. Win 10 is the firewall in a computer.

Beginners need to understand what a firewall is. The objective of a firewall is to serve as the first line of defense in network security. You can consider a firewall like a network security system that performs as a hurdle between internal networks and external sources like the internet to block data packets or to intercept that do not be conventional set its rules of the set.

If we look at it as the name suggests what a firewall is, the meaning of firewall is a barrier to secure the computer system and networks from external attacks. If you are wondering ‘What is a Computer Firewall?’ The answer to this question is that it is used to protect information from unlawful users from both outside the company and within the network. A beginner requires having a clear understanding of the basic concept of firewalls like what a firewall is and it’s meaning in a computer.

In this article you will come across the following sections:

What is a Firewall?

Types of Firewall

Uses of a Firewall

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Firewall

Functions of a Firewall

Features of a Firewall

List of Firewalls

1) What Is A Firewall

What Is A Firewall

An easy explanation of what a firewall is is that it is software or hardware to secure a private computer or a network of computers. This security is attained with both hardware and software or both to enable only unauthorized traffic and filter out all the non-permitted users from accessing the private networks or computers.

A firewall is the kind of cybersecurity tool in a computer. The main use of a firewall in a computer is information security by identifying and blocking out all challenges at unsolicited access. Before moving forward, beginners should have a clear idea of the fundamentals of a firewall and also be aware of how the firewall works. The best example of a firewall is available in your home, which is a router. Win 10 is the firewall in a computer.

2) Types Of Firewall

Types Of Firewall

There are plenty of kinds of firewalls that can be set up based on the needs of the users. We will explore what are the different available kinds of firewalls. Let’s dive into the discussion:

Proxy Firewall

This is one of the types of firewalls that came at the earliest. The main characteristics of this firewall are that it avoids direct connection to a computer for external networks. This firewall works for particular applications as a gateway from one network to another.

Packet Filtering Firewalls

This is all regarding the most fundamental type of firewall. This firewall application is for making a hurdle at the router. The main functions of this firewall are only to keep an eye on the source and destination IPs without hassling to go into packer details. This is one of the oldest architectural examples of the firewall.

Circuit Level Gateways

The main firewall configuration operates by checking in the transmission control protocol (TCP), and handshake to make sure that the packer is from the lawful source.

Stateful Inspection Firewalls

This is the kind of firewall that gathers the above couple of methods to make a configuration with a greater level of security.

Next-Generation Firewalls (Ngfw)

With the increase of threats, most huge organizations are going to generate firewalls that provide far higher perks than a firewall. These NGFW kinds come with a variety of high-end abilities to offer best-end firewall merits to big companies with an increased risk profile.

Software Firewalls

A software Firewall definition is that it is a software set up on the device with no hassle or additional hardware. It is the straight answer to the question ‘what is a firewall?’ Is windows firewall sufficient mane BT the genuine doubt about the stand-alone or specific computers? Whereas windows provide some fundamental protection, the requirement for a firewall in the way of an anti-virus added application is always available.

Hardware Firewalls

Hardware Firewalls consist of devices that perform as the first line of security to filter data packets before they arrived at the servers. The main disadvantage of firewalls of the hardware kind is that it is hassle-free for within attacks to bypass them and the hardware proficiencies vary with all suppliers.

These are some types of firewalls. The kind appropriate for a company has to be selected after proper consideration of all factors that include vulnerabilities.

3) Uses Of A Firewall

There are many uses of firewalls. Concerns like what is the use of a firewall and what it does, what is a firewall, and what its function is only natural when some huge investment is needed. Consider the mentioned uses of the firewall to have a better understanding of firewall:

It prevents unlawful remote access and control of your computer by the hacker for unethical purposes.

Data security is made sure to depend on protocol and IP address.

It makes sure consistency of operations and availability of information

It bounds unsuitable or destructive or another type of content like pornographic.

It avoids malware, phishing attacks, and Ransomware

It is protected for online gamers

It protects older PCs with prior versions of OS.

The mentioned points reflect the firewall adequately

Structures of firewall are application gateways, packet filtering, login and detection of

The above points explain a Firewall adequately.

Components of a Firewall are packet filtering, application gateways, logging, and detection of doubtful activities.

4) Merits And Demerits OF A FIREWALL

There are various pros and cons of firewall that are mentioned below:

Advantages Of Firewall

  1. A Firewall avoids remote access and hackers.
  2. It secures data.
  3. It ensures enhanced privacy and security.
  4. It is secured from Trojans.
  5. A network-based Firewall, such as a router, can provide security to different systems, whereas an OS-based firewall can secure individual systems.

Disadvantages Of Firewall

Cost:  setting up a Firewall can be expensive depending on the complexity needed.

Performance: This is impacted as every packet has to be established for authenticity before it is enabled into the network.

 Virus and Malware: There are some boundaries in a firewall such as its incapability to avoid virus and malware attacks for which a separate application would be needed, at the separate system level.

A network-level Firewall may carry in a fake sense of security in workers and create them to slacken on protecting separate systems. The organization is required to make all employees know the approach of a firewall and the significance of a firewall for information security and accountability.

Firewall sustainability and improvement need additional manpower and resources.

The main purpose of a firewall is packet friendly; the other vital function is to operate as an application proxy, usually associated with an application-level gateway.

Other main functions include stateful firewalls that are deep packet inspection firewalls, dynamic & stateless firewalls, management functions, and more based on the role of firewalls and how much the firewall security level is needed for a company.

6) Features Of A Firewall

Below is the mentioned list of common queries what the functions of a firewall are:

  • Internet aggregation.
  • Bandwidth control and monitoring.
  • Web filtering.
  • VPN, Virtual Private Networks.
  • Deep Packet Inspection, DPI.

7) List Of Firewalls

A little list of available firewalls is:

  • Force point
  • Juniper
  • Palo Alto
  • Checkpoint
  • Fortinet
  • D-Link
  • Watchguard
  • Sophos
  • Fortinet

In The Nutshell

Once you are clear about what a firewall is and how it does work then you can easily implement how to create a firewall for home computers. It is not difficult to learn how to use firewalls in most usage software like MS Windows 10 for the personal computer. At this phase, a learner should be able to describe a firewall and explain what is a firewall.

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