Do you know that those passwords are considered a weak link in enterprise security? That is the reason users make efforts with requirements for complicated passwords and password managers, terrible activities multiply word docs with password listed, reused passwords, post-it notes on the screen, retaining default passwords, and other workarounds.

That is the reason that cybercriminals often go for passwords. The goal of hackers is to steal credentials so that they can enter the sensitive system or take time in a trap to stage an upsetting attack beside a prized asset. And users seem to reuse passwords; they try to crack other websites and systems with them too in password and credential attacks. It is sufficient to make you want to go passwordless.

Password cracking usually deals with the attention of penetration testing, therefore john the ripper password cracker is open source, free of cost, and easy to use that takes the great aspects of several password crackers and gathers them into a single packer. For instance, it can be harnessed by a penetration tester to identify weak passwords and search away into a database or system.

What Is John The Ripper?

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John the Ripper password cracker is an open-source penetration tool that is used by companies to test the strength of their password. Firstly it was released in 1996 for UNIX, but now it functions on almost 15 operating systems including macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux. It can use either dictionary attacks or brute force to recognize passwords.

The pro version of john the ripper password cracker is specially tailored to Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. It facilitates various additional password hash types.

Type of tool Password cracker
Point of difference There is no cost of John the Ripper Password Cracker and is user-friendly that is especially aimed squarely at password cracking.
What it can’t perform It cannot do Vulnerability tests and analysis for other areas of penetration beyond passwords.
Cost Free

How John The Ripper Password Cracker Works

John the Ripper password cracker utilized a gathering of brute force attacks and dictionary attacks to crack passwords. Initially, therefore, penetration testers can use the only crack mode to find a password depending on other factors in the credential folder like the user’s full name or username. For instance, for Mack Doe, it would try for Doe, Mack, or the common numerical sequence such as 123.

Then it works through other common passwords on its particular wordlist. If none of the words are better it moves onto the dictionary attack options and brute force.

Brute Force Attacks

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With brute force attacks, it is required for the penetration testers to configure the goal to provide it with some password parameters like the kind of character the password must have or cannot use the minimum and maximum length. John the Ripper password cracker keeps working through all the possible powerful ways that come into those parameters till it searches for the best one. This method can be very slow depending on the strength level of the password.

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 Dictionary Attacks

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The other method that is known as dictionary attacks used by john the ripper password cracker as the easiest one to guess a password. It considers text string samples from a word list by common passwords and dictionary words. It can also work with encrypted passwords, which caters to online and offline attacks.

Bottom Line


John the Ripper Password Cracker is a compliment, not an answer

John the Ripper Password Cracker is the best tool to check on password vulnerability, but it should not be considered the primary one in penetration testing, as it should be used as a supplemental tool. It gathers various approaches to password cracking into a single, it is worthy to try. Therefore, passwords are not the single vulnerability that most organization faces, so penetration testers require other software for their removal.


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