Wireshark is an open-source broadly used protocol analyzer or network packet. It is considered a significant tool for system administrators and security professionals. Wireshark review is used to analyze the configuration of many network protocols and can display apps. It can be operated in dissimilar platforms like UNIX, Windows, and Linux and hires the GTK+ widget tool or contribute the different characteristics with tcpdump only the difference is that it facilitates a graphical user interface and has data filtering features. Some of the features of Wireshark are:

  • It can function on Windows and UNIX.
  • Store live packet data from a network interface.
  • It can Open files containing packet data captured (PCAP Files) with tcpdump/WinDump, Wireshark, and loads of other packet capture programs.
  • It Imports packets from text files including hex dumps of packet data
  • Exhibit filters are preferred to filter and sort out the data display.
  • Display packets with very comprehensive protocol data files.
  • New protocols can be examined by making plug-ins.
  • Captured Traffic can also be traced Voice over Internet (VOIP) calls via the network.
  • It can Export some or all packets in numerous capture file formats.
  • Filter packets on different criteria.
  • Find packets on several criteria.
  • Colorize packet display based on filters.
  • Generate a variety of statistics.
  • …​And a lot more!

Introduction To Wireshark Review UI Basics

At this moment, you have installed Wireshark into your systems and are excited to get involved in capturing your first packets. Without any delay, let’s get initiated!Sexurityx Blog Pics

Wireshark can be initiated via windows program manager by finding out Wireshark or also can be begun through the command line by typing “Wireshark” in the directory of Wireshark.

The Main Window Of Wireshark Review

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Let’s have a quick look at Wireshark user interface. Normally, you would see this same scenario after some packets are captured or loaded.

  • Wireshark’s main window consists of these parts that are commonly called GUI programs.
  • The menu is used to initiate actions
  • The key toolbar quick access to often used items from the menu
  • Filter Toolbar helps user to set exhibit filters to filter which packet should be displayed
  • The Packet details pane represents the packet chosen in the packet list pane
  • The packet bytes pane shows the data from the packet chosen in the packet list pane and displays the field selected in the packet details pane
  • The Packet list pane shows a summary of each packet captured.

The status bar in Wireshark review shows some explained information regarding the existing program state and the captured data.


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