You may have ideas regarding the browser vulnerabilities exploitation by malicious software to control the anticipated attitude of a browser. These vulnerabilities are a famous attack vector due to most host systems leveraging a few forms of internet browser software. In this blog, we are going to look closer at the popular tool developed to exploit browser vulnerabilities, penetration testing tool BeEF.

Do you know that the word beef has quite a dissimilar meaning for penetration testers than regular people? For normal people, it’s a delicacy but when it comes to penetration testers, it is one of the most frequent tools for penetration testing. So let’s dive into the discussion,

What Is BeEF

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BeEF stands for the Browser Exploitation Framework. The penetration testing tool BeEF is concentrated on the web browser. It refers to the course of growing matters regarding web-borne attacks beside clients that involve mobile clients. penetration testing tool BeEF enables the professional penetration tester to review the true security posture of a target atmosphere by using client-side attack vectors.

It is dissimilar to the other frameworks as it looks past the hardened network perimeter and client system and finds exploitability inside the context of one open door: the web browser. It works by hooking one or more web browsers and utilizing them as beachheads for initiation directed command modules and more attacks despite the system from inside the browser framework.


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Browser Exploitation Framework BeEF is a commanding penetration and vulnerability testing tool. BeEF is an open-source security project for penetration testing, concentrated on exploiting vulnerabilities in search engines. It can be considered that cross-site scripting (XSS) is a web application. It is not just a tool specifically for rails testing such as brakeman but it is very much useful for getting a better idea of threats to a web application.

The structure contains modules that recruit BeEF easy and powerful API. It lives at the heart of the framework’s effectiveness and efficiency. This tool was established particularly for penetration testing. The server of penetration testing tool BeEF communicates with the hooked browser via the web-based user interface. The browser exploitation structure appears with the Kali Linux and it is mainly used by penetration testing experts to find the real security of a system by concentrating on the web browser.

This enables the tool to be dissimilar to various other tools as it finds exploitability inside the context of the web browser. One can use the numerous command modules by BeEF Kali Linux penetration testing software within the web browser to execute requested attacks against the system.

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System Essentials

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The system must have mentioned key dependency package to download BeEF advanced penetration testing:

The following key dependency packages are required to install BeEF advanced penetration testing:

  • Ruby: 2.5 or newer
  • SQLite: 3. x
  • js: 10 or newer
  • Bundler to install gems
  • Operating System: Mac OSX 10.5.0 or modern Linux
  • Selenium is required on OSX
  • RubyMine editor
  • Git


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Several of the vast features of the BeEF penetration testing framework are mentioned below:

  • Phonegap modules
  • Plug-in detection
  • Browser proxying
  • Integration with Metasploit
  • Hooking through QR codes
  • Intranet service exploitation
  • Custom browser exploitation commands
  • Open-source
  • The extension API
  • Restful API
  • Keystroke logging


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How to Install BeEF on Ubuntu

BeEF kali Linux structure is trouble-free and simple to get initiated software. Install and organize BeEF dependency packages. Now login to your account of Github and press the “Fork” button appear in the top-right corner of the beef depository and duplicate your split to your local machine:

git clone beef

cd ~/beef

Bundler is vital t

after that, run the install script in the BeEF directory:


This script installs the requisite operating system packages and the entire precondition Ruby gems.

BeEF chooses YAML files to configure the prime functionality and the extensions. Major important BeEF configuration present in the prime config.YAML configuration file is available in the BeEF directory. Change the config.YAML files are situated in the addition folder to organize extensions.

To start BeEF, just run:


It’s best to update BeEF to the most recent version regularly. If you’re using BeEF from the GitHub repository, update by:

git pull

beef/beef are the default login credentials for penetration testing tool BeEF. The credentials can be modified in the configuration file config.YAML

Well done! The penetration testing tool BeEF xss framework has been set finally by you. Enjoy!


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What is the BeEF security framework?

BeEF is the popular penetration testing tool that stands for the Browser Exploitation Framework. This tool is specially designed to allow penetration testers to launch client-side XAA attacks despite target victims or browsers.

Is BeEF free?

BeEF is freely available to download and considered one of the best free penetration tools.

In what language is BeEF on paper?

JavaScript and Ruby are languages where the penetration testing tool BeEF is written.

Is BeEF open source?

Yes, it is an open-source and freely available browser exploitation framework. You can easily find the source code at Github.

What is the BeEF browser exploitation tool?

The Browser Exploitation Framework BeEF is an open-source penetration testing tool BeEF that holds one or more browsers by concentrating on the web browser. It is mainly used to develop the cross-scripting XSS flaw in a web application.

Do hackers use BeEF?

Undoubtedly, BeEF is an exceptionally powerful tool that can be used to fortify systems against cyberattacks. From enabling spyware modules to tracking each little movement on the targeted systems,BeEF is the single solution for all.


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