You may not believe it, but taking control of your car remotely and stealing it seems like a movie scent, but this has been happening in the real world too for the past few years. This new technology has been adopted by hackers to steal your vehicle. With the technological advancement in every moment, modern cars are becoming more automated and advanced. But do you think that modernized cars are more secure as compared to the traditional ones?

There are several incidents where cybercriminals were prosecuted for using their devices to hijack jeep cars. It is the cup of tea for hackers to take control of the vehicle, change gears, steer it, steal it or engage the brakes. After the experiments of linked vehicles for years, security researchers have found that modernized and automated cars are more vulnerable to various risks. It has been proved by the experiment that vehicles can be compromised with the help of dissimilar methods though having physical or remote access.

What can be done to avoid such attacks?

Manufacturers have been defending their research and development, but due to this problem, players in the sector are collaborating and sharing resources on better cybersecurity practices. They have maintained the Auto information sharing and Analysis center that will guide suppliers and manufacturers to be more ready for cybersecurity issues.

The trend outlined by Auto-ISAC includes:
. Incident response and recovery
. Training and awareness
. Risk assessment and management
. Threat detection and protection
. Security by design

Association And Engagement With Suitable Third Parties

These practices help build a framework that will facilitate the supplier and manufacturer to share information and analyze the threat and quickly develop solutions. It is the essential step forward and a solid strategy in the fight against automotive cybercrime. If you want to protect yourself from this kind of attack or another kind of cyber threat then get in touch with SecurtiyX. We have professional skills to provide the best services in regards to making your devices more protected.

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