This is the story of electric automaker Tesla that has rolled out an over-the-air manufacturers patch for the model X vehicles after getting the information regarding a serious vulnerability in the keyless entry system. This virus was identified by Belgian academics; this vulnerability could have allowed criminals to circumvent the $100,000 car’s onboard security systems.

The problem was that the tesla model X’s key fob enabled its owners to automatically unlock the car while approaching it or via pressing a button with the usage of the Bluetooth low energy communication standard to talk to the car through the Smartphone application. This method was presented by the linnet outers, the Ph.D. student of the University of Leuven’s industrial cryptography and computer security research group in a proof of idea using a self-made device created by Raspberry Pi. It is the modified key fob and engine control unit from the salvaged model X and other attributes costing around $195

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